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[image]Jeremiah Alyssa Arduino ( 4)
Got the lights the blink. 
Keywords: arduino
[texts]Proyecto Arduino 4ta Seman - Luis Montesdeoca
Es la difusión del proyecto Arduino
Keywords: Arduino
Downloads: 34
Arduino diagram
Keywords: Arduino
Downloads: 2
[image]Arduino Tutorial Fig 2 Img
Arduino Tutorial Figure
Keywords: Arduino
Downloads: 5
[image]background - H_P
Arduino picture for a background
Keywords: Arduino
Downloads: 2,372
[image]Raul HC Arduíno Day
Raul HC Arduíno Day
Keywords: arduino raulhc
Downloads: 1
[audio]Arduino per suonare e per scaldare la casa - Pensatech
Arduino, a dispetto del nome proprio, è un oggetto elettronico. Per la precisione è un microcontrollore, cioè un circuito stampato che ha un chip programmabile. Per rendere l'idea lo si può paragonare a un computer vero e proprio, ma ridotto all'osso. E come I computer ha degli ingressi ai quali collegare, ad esempio, dei sensori, e delle uscite a cui connettere altri dispositivi. Ma soprattutto Arduino è open source, il che significa che I progetti hardware e software, necessari a costruir...
Keywords: arduino; elettronica
Downloads: 140
[movies]hackerspace.gr lock - seadog
Επίδειξη λειτουργίας της κλειδαριάς με ibutton του Hackerspace.gr
Keywords: hsgr arduino
Downloads: 478
[audio]Physical Computing with Arduino and Linux - Ohio LinuxFest 2012
Arduino is a popular and easy-to-use platform for introducing new users to Physical Computing. The Open Source Hardware movement fully embraces Open Source tools and operating systems, and Linux makes a great platform for Arduino development. From blinking LEDs to driving servo motors to reading and processing sensor data, see how you can make your creations come to life with Arduino and Linux
Keywords: Arduino; Linux
Downloads: 219
[audio]JaquerEspeis: Introduccion al Arduino - JaquerEspeis
Sesion del JaquerEspeis tico, del 3 de agosto de 2010. Introduccion al Arduino.
Keywords: jaquerespeis; arduino
Downloads: 18
[movies]JaquerEspeis: Introduccion al Arduino - JaquerEspeis
Sesion del Jaquer Espeis tico, del 3 de agoto de 2010. Introduccion al Arduino.
Keywords: jaquerespeis; arduino
Downloads: 35
[movies]Arduino. The Documentary ( 2010) Subt. Spanish HD - Arduino
Documental sobre la historia de Arduino, desde sus comienzos.
Keywords: arduino; arduino liga argentina; club arduino; robotica; robótica; open source
Downloads: 144
[unknown]Wiki - Arduino + Android
Arduino + Android dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Arduino + Android; rodrigocalvocom_arduino
Downloads: 14
[audio]Nota con Eduardo Arduino - Regional
Eduardo Arduino
Keywords: Arduino LU32 Regional
Downloads: 32
[movies]Robot Social, prototipo 0,0014
atmega328-pu (Arduino bootloader)+IR (sharp GP2D12)+ContinuosRotationServo
Keywords: Arduino; Robot; Social
Downloads: 42
[audio]Cuttlefish sound synthesis library for Arduino example sounds
First release examples.
Keywords: Arduino; synthesis; electronic music
Downloads: 75
[movies]CLUG Talk - 22 June 2010 - The Arduino and Physical Computing - Peter Ing
CLUG Talk: The Arduino and Physical Computing Speaker: Peter Ing More CLUG Talks
Keywords: CLUG; Arduino; embedded; electronics
Downloads: 352
[movies]DJette Boombike - bolwerK
boombike, bmp to bike tempo for djette samen onderweg! process + code
Keywords: boombike; bike; arduino
Downloads: 250
[movies]Arduino.TheDocumentary.Spanish - Rodrigo Calvo / Raul Alaejos
Arduino Documentary Spanish
Keywords: arduino; documentary; the; spanish
Downloads: 3,377
[movies]DJette Boombike - Charleroi - bolwerK
A boom box bike is a bicycle ghettoblaster to play recorded music in public space. From gangs in Queens to Critical Mass rallies people construct these DIY ghettoblaster bikes. This one has an extra effect: speed of the music is set by the speed of biking. In july, during an explorative residency in Hotel Charleroi, the boom box bike was upgraded to a tuned VERSION 2.
Keywords: boombike; bike; arduino; charleroi
Downloads: 190
[audio]Elettronica in salsa libera libera - Pensatech, Radio Città del Capo
A Casalacchio dal 7 febbraio si terrà un non corso di elettronica libera, dove imparare e sperimentare competenze di domotica, automazione, elettronica, Arduino, Raspberry Pi... Per dare una seconda vita ai nostri computer e device, ridurre l'inquinamento elettronico, prendere consapevolezza dei nostri strumenti e trovare nuove applicazioni. Abbiamo intervistato il prof. Renzo Davoli e Cristina Carnevali dell'associazione RaccattaRAEE.
Keywords: arduino; elettronica; libero; raee
Downloads: 162
[movies]Arduino.TheDocumentary.English - Rodrigo Calvo / Raul Alaejos
Arduino The Documentary 2010
Keywords: arduino; documentary; the; english
Downloads: 24,737 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Arduino Starter Kit Manual - Mike McRoberts
A Complete Beginner's Guide to Arduino
Keywords: Arduino; Guide; begninner
Downloads: 1,651
[texts]arduino programming notebook - Brian W, Evans
Uploaded by zygun
Keywords: Arduino; C; Computer Science
Downloads: 533
[audio]Entrevista a Lucas Salas (por Irene Soria) - Irene Soria
Entrevista a un estudiante del Teclelab, en Santiago de Chile. Mayo, 2011.
Keywords: teclelab; hacking; arduino; chile; floss
Downloads: 3
[movies]violão rele - Giuliano Obici, Paulo Gonzalez
violão adaptado com reles
Keywords: arduino; violao; rele; musica experimental
Downloads: 2,778
[unknown]Max for Live Patches Folder
Max for live patches including controlling Arduino circuit board and Jitter patches. Some other nifty patches too...
Keywords: MaxMSP; Max for Live; Arduino
Downloads: 127
[audio]agroinnovations_136_robot_gardener - Agroinnovations Podcast
From the floor of South by Southwest 2014,a wide ranging discussion about potential uses for Arduino in agriculture.  Featuring a break down of what arduino is, how is can be used in agriculture, successes and failures of open source, the fragmentation in the agduino space, and what it will take to accelerate the development of agduino.
Keywords: agriculture; sustainability; arduino; open source
Downloads: 936
[movies]HM2012 AQ - warm up acc. belle arti - intro - bulmosa mediacrewcasematte
hackmeeting 2012 L'Aquila - warm up accademia belle arti - introduzione
Keywords: hm 2012 hackmeeting warm up arduino
Downloads: 126
[movies]HM2012 AQ - warm up acc. belle arti - open source - bulmosa mediacrewcasematte
hackmeeting 2012 L'Aquila - warm up accademia belle arti - open source
Keywords: hm 2012 hackmeeting warm up arduino
Downloads: 127
[audio]Solga-TallerElWire - geekshabeka
Taller de ElWire e breve introduccion ao entorno arduino no Solga.
Keywords: smart material arduino vestuario performance geeksha postop
Downloads: 23
[audio]TallerElWire-Solga - geekshabeka
Audio do taller de ElWire para vestuario e introducción ao entorno arduino no Solga.
Keywords: smart material arduino vestuario performance geeksha postop
Downloads: 34
[audio]Liberatech Programa 15 Arduino - Leon Ramos
Programa de radio por Internet dedicado a difundir tecnologia que ayude a nuestro dia a dia. Hablando de la creacion de aparatos y proyectos de electronica rapido y facil con ARDUINO. http://liberatech.bligoo.mx
Keywords: Microcontroladores; automatizacion; arduino; atmel; bricolaje; hoby; pasatiempo
Downloads: 21
[unknown]Arduino_code_scrimshaw - Poppi Doser
For interfacing SuperCollider and a PING))) Ultrasonic sensor.
Keywords: PING))); sensor; SuperCollider; Arduino; William Scrimshaw
Downloads: 44
[audio]Mauricio apresenta infravermelho activation "fala comigo" - geeksha
Ferramenta interativa baseada em arduino,shield mp3 e sensores infravermelhos.
Keywords: arduino shields infravermelhos interatividade eletronica criativa altlab
Downloads: 25
[movies]HM2012 AQ - warm up acc. belle arti - arduino - bulmosa mediacrewcasematte
hackmeeting 2012 L'Aquila - warm up acc. belle arti - arduino
Keywords: hm 2012 hackmeeting warm up arduino
Downloads: 124
[movies]Hackers TNG: Getting kids hooked on FOSS with hardware hacking! - Charles McColm with permission of Leigh Honeywell
Dynamic speaker Leigh Honeywell talks at Ontario Linux Fest 2009 about the next generation of hackers by describing how to get kids hooked on Free and Open Source Software by teaching them hardware hacking through the arduino hardware platform.
Keywords: Hardware hacking; kids; FOSS; arduino; leigh honeywell
Downloads: 120
[audio]Mozzi sound synthesis library for Arduino example recordings - Tim Barrass
Examples of basic operations using Mozzi, a sound synthesis library for Arduino
Keywords: synthesis; sonification; arduino; electronic music; sound
Downloads: 1,605
[texts]helpfile, pt.1 - Poppi Doser
How to get SuperCollider working with an Arduino Deicimila.
Keywords: Arduino Deicimila; SuperCollider. electronics; computer music
Downloads: 148
[movies]SFD 2013 Video Dylan - Dylan Van Assche
Presentation during Software Freedom Day 2013 in Hackerspace Brussels on using Arduino to do cool stuff with model trains
Keywords: arduino; model trains; software freedom day; HSBXL
Downloads: 28
Global warming is making all the Scientists, Engineers and Doctors to think and act in each and every movement. A predictable rise on the Earth’s temperature is mainly due to the carbon dioxide levels exceeding the pre-industrial threshold levels, which in turn is effecting the global climate atmospheric concentrations. The monitoring of these gases isvery important for effective control of the atmosphere pollution levels to a permissible limit...
Keywords: Arduino; Benzine; Carbon Monoxide; Gas Sensors; Zigbee
[texts]120362 - Lakshay Grover, Tanmay Monga , Ravit Dung
The main idea of the project is to develop a semiautonomous robot that can be controlled from a remote location and it has the intelligence to capture, analyze, and send visual data back to the controlling device. The robot works on the concept of image processing. It has a camera attached on top of it. The project is based on both hardware and software. The project uses Arduino UNO microcontroller, to interface hardware with a laptop...
Keywords: Smart Car; Arduino; Computer Vision; Laser Follower
Downloads: 25
[movies]Massimo Banzi introduces Arduino - Aram Armstrong
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple i/o board and a development environment that implements the Processing/Wiring language. Arduino can be used to develop stand-alone interactive objects or can be connected to software on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP) http://arduino.berlios.de/
Keywords: arduino; idii; massimo banzi; physical computing
Downloads: 114
[audio]NodeUp 27 - NodeUp
Mikeal Rogers, Daniel Shaw, Chris Williams, Rick Waldron and Elijah Insua talk robots, node-serialport, nodebots, the internet of things, cortex m3, electricimp, alibaba, tmpad, johnny-five, firmata and much more!
Keywords: nodeup; node.js; javascript; node; robots; arduino
Downloads: 6,812
[audio]Mozzi sound synthesis library for Arduino example recordings - Tim Barrass
Recordings of the example sketches provided with version 0.01.1f of Mozzi, a sound synthesis library for Arduino.
Keywords: synthesis; sonification; arduino; electronic music; sound
Downloads: 2,555
[texts]Internet of Things. Plantofono. - Fernando G. Garci­a
Node at hackmeeting 2010 - Zaragoza. Introduction to the "Internet of Things" concepts, and high level explanation to the Plantofono initiative.
Keywords: Internet of things; plantofono; datalogging; sensors; arduino
Downloads: 282
[movies]A position sensing MIDI percussion interface - Andrew Baxter
Talk presented at the Linux Audio Conference, Maynooth, Ireland in May 2011 by Andrew Baxter
Keywords: MIDI; drum; percussion; electronic; synthesiser; position sensitive; arduino; linux
Downloads: 26
[audio]Seminar: The Machinic, Marx's General Intellect and Emerging Practices in the Electronic Arts Part 1 of 4 - Timothy Noble
Part 1: What kind of techno-cultural commons do we inhabit? This 4 part seminar was given as part of a visiting artist/lecturer residency at the la Facultad de Artes del la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. The residency also included classes and workshops on the Arduino microcontroller, wireless sensor networks, and kinetic sculptural techniques during August and September, 2013.
Keywords: marx, arduino, commons, intellectual property, open source, hardware, art, phonebooth
Downloads: 9
[audio]Future of Using Money - Jonathan LeBlanc
The lines between online and office commerce have completely blurred into a new age of connected commerce, and mobile technologies have risen to become the central point of that digital revolution. These changes in the mindset behind how we shop have simplified entrepreneurship within the physical space, and have streamlined the digital world to the point where the wallet is a dying necessity. In this session, we will delve into the technology that is driving the new age of commerce, and how new...
Keywords: money; commerce; hardware; arduino; bluetooth low energy; PayPal; payments
Downloads: 3
[audio]Pasa de nivel: Hackea las barreras - Miguel de Dios
Introducción al software libre y el hardware libre. Incluida una demostración de una adaptación del videojuego libre Neverball para usar el arduino y un acelerometro.
Keywords: neverball; discapacidad; videojuegos; software libre; hardware libre; arduino
Downloads: 789
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